1. Keep up with your lectures. Understandably, as a fresher, it feels important to want to attend every single lecture.

2. Singning up to every single society can be pretty problematic. Admittedly, you should check out some societies that connects to you, but scribbling your name down at every society or fresher event can end up ruining your studies.

3. Thinking you will hang out with the first person you meet at the university , forever? Dah, not happening. 

4. Just never forget to carry your college ID’s everyday.

5. Budgeting is quite important. Prefer maggi points and roadside stalls over costly Cafés and restaurants. 

6. …and difficult pg mates. If you are living away from home, living with your roommates can be the first test. 

7. Too much socialising = bad grades. A lot of students go partying and spending time at the trendiest clubs of the city. While it is of course a good thing to grow up a little, but finding a balance between partying and studying stands important.

8. If you are not a morning person, don’t forget to set the alarm, as most of you’ll probably end up missing your 8 am lecture everyday.

9. Expectations : Eat, sleep, rave repeat.    

    Reality: wake up, college, sleep, repeat. 

College students consider themselves lucky if they even wake up in time for breakfast without being late for morning lectures. 

10. And the most important thing, never leave everything until the night before the exam. You will end up ruining your grades. 


Finally, ultimate piece of advice is, enjoy every year to the fullest. While college can stress you to the limit, the good times and outcomes will outweigh the bad!!

– Samiksha Gupta (satyawati college, evening)