1. Career

Studies show that women in all girls’ college tend to be more successful in their careers; they tend to earn more and are seen much happier. Thus they seem to be more academically engaged and challenged compared to the coed ones.

2. Participation

Students give their full participation both in and out of the class.

3. Beauty+Brains

They are a complete package, with a gorgeous and pretty face they land up having an intelligent brain too.

4. Dress

It feels a relief to come up in hippie clothes to college and not be bothered at all, because at the end of the day who cares?!

5. Safety

Colleges with isolated campuses seem much safer. You don’t need to take extra precaution as there are no gawkers around.

6. Wild Creatures

You don’t have to be sophisticated and decent with your body language because there aren’t any boys to impress. Shouting out loud, behaving like monkeys in the ground, eating like one has never eaten before; all this can be a great freedom.

7. Craze of selfie

Having the liberty of taking endless selfies with unusual poses showing all 32 teeth’s or showing your legs doesn’t really matter in a girl’s college. There’s no awkward moment that some guy might see something.

8. No boyfriend tension

In an all girls college there are no boys so there is no competition that “my boyfriend is hotter than yours”; thus there’s no boyfriend tension at all.

9. Quota

Few colleges offer relaxation under girls’ quota.

10. Last but not the least shouting and announcing in the class if someone has an extra sanitary napkin or not seems much easier in an all girl’s college.

Written by

Tonmoyee Doley