Editor- Unnati Khanna 

The human body is made up of five elements where the energetic power of sun can vanish the darkness of human so the bright beam of sunlight not only wraps itself with a ray of optimism and hope but provides us a marvellous time where we can learn and grow while being thrilled to our bits so the best possible utilisation needs to made in order to squeeze the benefits of ” vacations in a fruitful form . 

Some wonderful ways for happy summers could be:-

1.)DESTRESS- Indulge in a spa therapy, give yourself a relaxed aromatic massage and make yourself rejuvenated.

2.) ADOPT TRAVELING – Plan a nice vacation , it could be a trekking trip or any adventurous activity so let adrenaline rush happen or a long walk by a lakeside where admist the laps of nature we are guided by the invisible force of nature or a religious trip where we detox our sins or may be an vacation to recognise the glorious history , vibrant culture with unmatched hospitality of any region is also a worthwhile idea

3)BRING CHANGE IN SOCIETY-Work for society is the need of the nation so join hands and remember little acts of kindness can be a reason for a sweet smile on someone face so we can serve the blind people or may be an visit to an elderly home would make them feel elated or Wheal for Meals an organisation that expects meals to distribute needy ones so let’s work for society.

4)TAKE NON-ACADEMIC CLASS- Adopt a hobby may be pottery or dance or Start a community garden in your area and praise the corners of nature in different part and parcel so immersing in a hooby is a relief from humdrum of life.

5.) BE CREATIVE- Join a libarby as books explore the hidden creativity imbibe within us ,  creative sessions for brain like brainstorming exercises like a crossword and puzzles or design from waste to imbibe creative soul within u